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    Facebook groups are getting crazy. Too many cliques. Too many groups. How do we move forward when everyone is pulled in different directions? We let A Leaf Of Faith be the main forum for everyone to be on one page to gather accurate information. This will pull us al together. And I have to question if one org says they won't support other orgs or forums, then are they attributing to the solution or the problem? Because they're supposed to be keeping kratom legal FOR US. But if they won't work together then what? I won't donate to someone that isn't willing to work together as one for the sake of keeping kratom legal. I cannot for the life of me understand why the orgs won't work together. I have an idea why one doesn't want to work with the other tho. So by everyone joining here, will pull the orgs with us. We are here to discuss many things, who and where do we donate to? Which org is actually putting money where they say they are? As consumers we want to make sure our money goes where it's supposed to right? Idk about y'all but when I donate I want to make sure it goes where they say and not in anyone's pockets. So let's start coming up with ideas on how to move forward. Any ideas on what to do to keep kratom legal?

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    I believe that if someone knows of any celebrity's who would speak on behalf of kratom it would be a help. Respectable celebrity.


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      A Leaf of Faith - Forums
      Keeping Kratom Legal

      I want to get involved in the fight to keep Kratom legal.
      I want to donate to help fight to keep kratom legal and accessible to everyone.

      Who do I donate to?

      How much do I donate?

      Which group do I donate to?

      Why are there so many small groups fighting for the same cause?

      Why do these groups not get along?

      What will they do with my money if I donate?

      Why do these organizations not want me to talk to other groups?

      Where can I see all the actions each groups are involved with?

      What is the plan of each of these organizations that are asking us to donate?

      Like most of you, I find myself asking these questions.
      I’m very interested in keeping kratom legal and available and I want to have open discussions about these topics.
      I want to hear from as many people as we can about the course of action we as a group choose for fighting to keep Kratom legal.

      I am a consumer just like you, I want to be informed about the decision and donate just like you.

      Let’s get those that want our money to fight Kratom to tell us what they are doing.
      Let’s get the people fighting to explain how our money is used.

      This is the reason we created A Leaf of Faith Forums.
      Let’s decide as a group how we want this battle fought.

      This is the place to have these conversations.


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        I agree. Tell us where our money is going. Ill be much more apt to donate if i knew it wasn't going for crap. Lol..


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          Even if the groups wont necessarily work together can they not each do what they are best at and all work for the greater good?


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            And by all means keep your groups.
            I understand groups serve a bunch of functions for different people but here we can gather the people just to talk about keeping Kratom legal.


            • SKJosh
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              Something I think that needs to be worked on is all the pop ups...the guys getting a small amount, packaging it in their house without testing then either making claims or not making claims and selling it to the public. Think if it was coffee, cookies, vitamins...anything. A huge influx of random people selling a random product from their house is a problem.

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            I would love to know what they're doing and why it's so secretive and why the one org refuses to work with the other.


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              It makes me wonder. Because if I ran an organization I would do whatever I could to keep Kratom legal including working with other orgs. Do we know if they even take Kratom?? What's the motive for keeping everything so secret?


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                Here is what I am doing. 1. Staying in the loop and getting information about all actions being organized and promoted by all advocacy orgs. 2. Thinking critically about those actions (example:calling the DEA and my political representatives with criticism of a document that no one has yet read? That doesn't make sense.) 3. Taking action in a form or manner that does make sense to me (example: Instead, call the DEA and tell them that I am concerned about things that the FDA has said and done and am worried that they (FDA) might be offering bad guidance bad guidance for any actions that they (DEA) might take. PAsk them to please review that information carefully before any decision is made. Tell them that this is important to me and millions of others. Call my representatives and inform them of the situation, my concerns, and ask them to be aware and follow the situation if and as it develops. Tell them that this is important to me and millions of others) 4.Directly support the orgs that I feel comfortable supporting and play nice with everyone with the common goal of supporting kratom, despite how I may feel about certain people, approaches, etc.


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                  Hi, personally I believe that if someone knows of any celebrity's who would speak on behalf of kratom it would be a help here. Respectable celebrity.


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                    Hi folks: I’ve been donating to the American Kratom Association. Here is the web link: Please have a look around the website. I feel that they are a great legitimate source in our common fight to keep Kratom available to everyone that includes this wonderful herb in their diet. Thanks for taking the time to help.


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                      Hi folks, have a gander re: webinar IMPORTANT ALERT: KRATOM ADVOCATES TRAINING WEBINAR JUNE 2 AT 7:30 PM

                      The AKA will host a Kratom Advocates Training Webinar on Sunday, June 2 at 7:30 pm.

                      There are anti-kratom activists working in local cities, towns, and counties to convince those local leaders to enact kratom bans. With the full support of the FDA and the inaccurate propaganda they disseminate, these anti-kratom activists are misleading local officials into believing pure kratom is killing people.

                      We need to fight back. This Webinar will show you how to respond to every one of the false attacks being made against kratom and give you the tools to show local policy makers that kratom is safe.

                      LINK TO REGISTER FOR WEBINAR: