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The one percent of American society

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  • The one percent of American society

    Perhaps this harmless plant, put on the earth by God, can give relief to veterans with PTSD. The amount of pharmaceutical medications we are given, can do so much more damage, than a plant, used by indigenous peoples, for medical purposes, for more than 1000 years. I understand, as a capitalist country, the fact that big pharma, seeing this plant, of the coffee family, as a threat to their dominant control of the market, for pain management, as an existential threat. The pharmaceutical industry, the major insurance companies, and politicians alike, have not quite been able to see profitability, by patent law, to control a simple plant, that can be grown in a person’s backyard. I hope the legalization of plant based pain relief, goes further to elevate the suffering of men and women who have served, earned, and deserve the best option that works, for their comfort, and quality of life.