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    How's everyone doing today? Let's get this forum started. Anyone having any issues they want to discuss? Cravings? Bad days? Need support? Here's where to talk about it.

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    We don't have any issues ourselves to talk about but we are starting a new venture.
    Liz and I want to do more community work and so we started working with a homeless shelter this week that feeds people.
    We helped feed 300 people this morning and you can see it in the faces of many people.
    We're going to start providing them kratom as well.

    If you see someone having a hard time, starting to withdraw, do you ever approach them?


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      I really want to get of suboxone, I’ve been using 2mg per day which seems to not even work anymore. I tried Kratom the last two days and the only time I felt ok was the very first dose. I stil had to take suboxone. Can you guys tell me what kind of Kratom to use for gettign off sub and where I can get it? I really want this to work


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        2mg suboxone is not a big dose.Wean your self till take 1mg daily.The bad thing about bupe is his very long half life-about 72hours.Thats mean that your body needs more time to adjust the lower dose.For opiate/opioid substitution in my case work Red Borneo and Green Malay,but thats only me.So progresively lower till 0.5-1mg then switch to some strain that affects you in good way in separate doses t and in quantity that can cover your physical symptoms and allows you to function almost normal.Do not expect to feel something special-your goal is to not withdrawling-am I right?Every person react different to Kratom-so the dose and strain are always a question of probe and error.They say Red ones are good for withdrawl,but in my case Red Thai affects me in really bad everyone is different.As to where to buy it-i do not know.Personally i buy online and have tried 5-6 strains and colors from which only two affect me in good way.Keep on your struggle with bupe-thats a nasty drug.Good luck and have a patience