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    I just wanted to share and also get feedback on everyone's daily or weekly dosage that you consume and how you all consume it. I steep my kratom in a coffee mug of hot water for 15-20 minutes and I use a heaping teaspoon. The most I take is two of these doses a day. I work an extremely physical job working on commercial doors often times lifting 150 plus pounds at a time so my body is wearing down and kratom has helped me stay away from pills and also gives me a boost when needed and also puts me to sleep when needed. I have been sober for 4 years now and have been taking kratom for 2 years. I started taking it when I had a dry socket from a wisdom tooth that lasted 3 months and I refused to take pills. What a life saver!!!! Last thing is my experience with the strains and my vendor. I buy my kratom from pa botaniclas online and I have never had any issues with the quality or with shipping. The white strains give me energy and a slight euphoric feeling then a very calm soothing feeling after it wears off hours later. The red strains relax me and help with pain alot. The green strains give me good sustainable energy for 6 plus hours and help with pain management the most. I hope this helps and please share your details on your experience and usage!

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    Hi everybody outthere!46 years ild male from Eastern Europe in country that kratom is scheduled since 2012.Brief story of mine:
    Start doing drugs in 89-90.Years shorly before fall of communistic regime.In those year there is no heroine or coce yet.All the stuff we buy it in a few places in Capital only in form of morhine,demerol and fentanyl ampules .Oh yes-there were a huge opium poppy fields in southern region of the country.So i boiled poppy tea and consume it for almost ten years till the country enter the EU.After that the growing of opium poppy was banned because of the new EU rules.Around 92 came heroine with the huge influx of Iranian emigrants and i hooked immediately on it.The stuff was realy,really strong in form of brown powder.Shortly after that came coke originaly brought by some latino gang members.Shortly after than local mafia take control of all drugs so all other dealers-albanians,iranians,turks and so on dissapeared very quickly.Then came MDMA pills,amphetamines and crystal meth.At this point here heroine or opioid problem almost does not exist.All smack heads are or dead or cured somehow or in methadone programs.In fact if you want find some opioid/opiate you can find only diluted methadone or weak heroine.Younger generation consume in large quantities only speed,weed and alcohol.As by me i have used for 25 years almost every drug and was hooked a multiple times on different ones-one grave car accident,two times in coma,numerous rehabs and so on and so on.At this moment i am on about 10-15mg daily diazepam wich i took from may e 2-3 years.Quitting weed 2 years ago-because i overused it like anything else(Except booze)...just very addictive personality what can i say.By now except valium from3-4 months consume kratom in form in powder-around 20-25daily.The herb have for sure good anti-pain properties and elevates a mood alittle bit.....for sure is not something from which you can achive some strong high.Its good for people with pain issues and is also an option to switch on it instead to take prescription pain killers.Yes definetely there is addiction with everyday use(at morning i have withdrawl symptoms) before i took my dose.The good thing is that you cannot overdose on kratom,cause the substance does not supress breathing,also is not toxic(unless is not adulterated).After all this is very useful herb with almost no side effects.Tollerance especially for me develops very quickly(probably my opiate receptors are compromized after so many years of abuse).Almost notice some kind of ceiling effect -doses above 30g daily does not produce more pronounced effects.I guess also the quality of kratom in EU market is way weaker than US.Wish you all peace and God bless