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  • From the AKA Today

    I spoke at length with Dave Herman this morning.
    The AKA is definitely in this fight and has some updates about what they have going.
    Again, the idea is for everyone to work together in concert and we are going to support keeping Kratom available to all of us.

    REMINDER!!! I just want to remind everyone about our BIG Twitter Campaign. On Monday morning, we will be sharing more information so PLEASE make sure that you are signed up for twitter & WATCH for further details on Monday morning ...

    Don't miss out ... LET'S TWEET!!!

    Please sign up at the link provided below by leaving your twitter handle, follow each other, & retweet each other to get the ball rolling. It is very important that we remain fact-based & respectful but also feel free to share your personal stories about how kratom has benefited your life. We have a lot of info on our side & most importantly we are doing what is right!

    *This information & the instructions included were provided & written by our own Laura Jones


    Just an update.....

    On Wednesday, we will be having a LIVE Press Conference!

    On Tuesday we will be conducting a Massive Twitter campaign! (We will post all the pertinent info Monday morning.)

    Later this evening, we plan on having an updated Call to Action alert!

    So stay tuned for more details!

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    Where was the link? I didn't know we were supposed to sign up anywhere for the twitter thing. I tweeted anyway.


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      I used to get emails from the AKA but now I dont.


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        I've been on twitter ALL day. Firing off selective tweets, making new content (images). I'm getting through but no major traction. Biggest thing is seeing Mike Cernovich (large user base) firing off defense.


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          Tweet, tweet, tweet...and retweet !


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            AKA had something set up, I'm not sure and I wish they would reach out and help the community help them.
            I'm not so interested in the politics as much as I am interested in the actions and results.


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              Tweet trump on Friday?