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  • Chad Bevilacqua
    Hello, my name is Chad Bevilacqua. I have worked for a decade as a Drug and Alcohol counselor and I am working for the county of Riverside as a Behavioral Health Specialist (My NPI is linked on this page) I also work for our government as a Behavioral Health Specialist. In short, I have extensive personal, and professional experience dealing with addiction. I'd like to advocate for Kratom as I have seen the impact on the few whom have found this hidden gem. I started using it myself after a back injury. I would like to spearhead an activist program in my area as this leaf is truly saving peoples lives and managing pain in ways not comparable to other herbal remedies."I found Kratom after a back injury at work as a means to end my dependence to opiods at the time. "This is the closest thing to the cure on the opiate/opiod epidemic this nation we will EVER see!"
    You can contact chad at:
    [email protected] NPI#1699950725

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  • Botanicals Education Alliance Community Action Notices

    Please take a moment to write your story at the link provided below!


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    Please write your kratom story here and it will go STRAIGHT to over 60 Senators and House Representatives.

    This is a tried and true method for being heard. Please SHARE this link and get as many people as you can to write their story today!!

    Last year we all saw how powerful a bipartisan effect can be in protecting kratom. Let's do it again.”

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