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  • Kratom saved my life

    My name is Aaron Brown. I'm 35 years old, I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and I am a US NAVY Veteran.
    I proudly served my nation in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
    During my training at NAS PENSACOLA Search and Rescue unit.
    I was severely injured. Instead accepting a medical discharge, I continued my NAVY career in the fleet.
    Through the rest of my career I received numerous other injuries.
    Also during deployment I suffered great emotion trauma in which drove me to attempting suicide while deployed. I was confronted about the incident and I was honest. Nothing was done. I was told to keep quiet until we got back home, and that if It were to be reported that it would leave a bad mark against our commanding officer.

    After coming home, I again fell deeper into a dark place to where I put my shotgun in my mouth and pulled the trigger. But my shotgun misfired and when I pulled the barrel away from my mouth the gun fired.
    I went to my unit flight surgeon and told him what I had done and again I was made to feel stupid for it and to keep quiet. Drinking had become my obsession to the point of receiving a DUI. I was discharged shortly there after with no support what so ever from my so called NAVY brothers and sisters.
    Years after my discharge I suffered in physical, mental and emotional pain. I was diagnosed with PTSD, DEPRESSION AND SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER WITH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. And because of OTH discharge I was stripped of my benefits not being able to seek help from the VA. I felt abandoned by my NAVY brothers and sisters. Punished for asking for help and made to feel weak and worthless not worthy to wear the uniform that I wore so proudly. I had nothing and I wanted to end it all.
    I had become so dependant on pain pills to get out of bed to brush my teeth just to try and be functional.
    I stole from friends, from family. In order to support my gross addiction. So I could numb the pain in my body and in my brain.
    I finally was able to go see a doctor for my injuries to my back and legs.
    After numerous spinal injections and horrible side effects to medications such as Lyrica. The doctor felt that my only option was to take large amounts of opioid pain killers.
    Over time I needed more and more pills and stronger amounts.
    Until one day years later my Doctor informs me that due to new laws he can no longer prescribe the medication amounts he had given me for years and that my amount would be cut in half as well as the strength.
    After that it drove me back to buying pills on the streets. Every day fighting to not pull the trigger one more time hoping this time it would work.
    Finally I had hit rock bottom. I was about to contact someone to buy heroin and some needles. I was in so much pain from not having those
    Prescription drugs in my body I was looking for anything to take the pain away. Not from my injuries mind you but from the very medicine that was suppose to help with my pain was causing me more pain. Physically and mentally.
    Physical mental and emotional. In such a state of depression I would pee in a bottle next to my bed just so I wouldn't have to get out of bed.
    Ready once more to end my life. I didn't have a life. I wasn't living. I was trapped in a world where nothing else mattered except where I was gonna get more pills.
    One night laying in bed I was looking on my phone on Facebook looking for pills. Then something came over me. Something told me to research how to get off opioids and live without pain. I know it was my families prayers to God to help me. And I can't thank them enough for never giving up on me. I was only moments away from plunging a needle into my vein, in which might have been my last moments on earth.
    I looked and looked and finally came across videos and testimonies about KRATOM.
    I had no idea what it was, but through the videos and researching this plant, this amazing and wonderful plant which has no narcotics in it at all. Was the answer I had been praying for.
    I found a professional place that sold the kratom powder.
    I spoke with the sales lady and told her my story. She gave me some free packets. Came around the corner and prayed with me and reminded me that I'm worth staying alive. I'm better than those pills and needles. I'm worth living.
    I went home and took my first dose, within 20 minutes my back pain was gone. I had energy, and my anxiety went away. My depression and thoughts of despair were no longer at the fore front of my thoughts. I finally felt like my old self before the injuries. I was living, I felt human again.
    This wonderful amazing plant saved my life.
    I've continued to take kratom daily.
    I've stopped taking pills, I've stopped drinking, I stopped smoking and i have a full time job now that i enjoy. I got my life back.

    I fought for this country once and im going to fight for it again, here and now on our own soil. MY NAVY AND GOVERNMENT MAY HAVE LEFT ME TO ROT AND DIE FOR ALL THEY CARED, BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP ON MY COUNTRY AND MY FELLOW VETERANS AND AMERICANS
    I swore alligence to this great country of mine. To protect this land against all enemies foreign and domestic. I am here to fight against the enemies that are trying to oppress my right as an American to pursue happiness and liberty.
    Our own government is making choices that are swayed by the evils of corruption and lining their pockets with blood money.
    Letting the FDA DEA AND BIG PHARMA all corrupt our government leaders who are not for the people. The people are speaking now!

    My WAR might have ended over seas, but it's just beginning right here in this land I fought and would proudly die for.
    A new WAR has begun. To KEEP KRATOM LEGAL!
    The lies that are being spread by these agencies are influenced by false reports.
    big pharma doesn't want the truth to be told. So they are willing to spend billions of dollars to CONDEM the United States of America to a death sentence.
    Please stand up for what is right with me and your fellow Americans

    Please stand with me and help our voices be heard.

    Aaron Brown