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  • Kratom from suboxone

    Ive stopped Buprenorphine / Suboxone for 16 days now with using Kratom and Zopiclone mostly. Some diazepam sometimes. When I first tried Red Kratom a few years ago, I didnt feel any anxiety from it and it was also the colour red/brown.
    Now I'm buying bigger amounts and I use between 10-20g a day.Its from the same company but they've had a rebrand. I think its unadulterated Kratom, but its always a green colour. Ive asked them about this and they've said that "some companies dye their Kratom Red or White). But it often makes me feel anxious and I'm using tablets every day.
    I'd tapered the Suboxone right down to half before going onto Kratom "full time". I felt great for the first 6 days and thought that may be it. But for a week after that I had some hot/cold, no energy etc opiate withdrawing effects.I'm not back to normal, I think a year on suboxone plus other opiate abuse, plus Kratom delaying a lot of the withdrawal effects will make it so I need to use Kratom for 4-5 weeks since stopping suboxone. Hopefully then I can taper from Kratom a gram a day.
    I just wish the anxiety would go away. If I had the money/resources I would get a load of xanax, diazepam, and ketamine and maybe other strong non opiate stuff and stop Kratom for a few days. I think I'd be more or less normal then. Of course then I'd have to ween off the relaxing drugs but thats a hell of a lot easier than getting of opiates.

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    How's your recovery going? Are you still off suboxone?