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Kratom for anxiety / alcohol

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  • Kratom for anxiety / alcohol

    I just ordered some BALI KRATOM XL - from urban ice organics for mild anxiety - does anyone think this isn’t the best choice or not a good idea thanks!

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    That was a great choice! Our reds are some of the strongest on the market. I use them myself.


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      Okay - will they help with anxiety and reduce the urge to drink alcohol ?


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        It will with time. Kratom works differently for everyone so no one can say definitively. It all depends on you. Just make sure to eat well and drink n plenty of fluids. Kratom acts as a diuretic and will help flush toxins that have been stored in your liver & kidneys. I’ve heard of it helping people to curb their need for alcohol and cigarettes as well. All you can do is try and give it a fair shot.


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          Is there a link you can share?


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          I am not sure alcohol will help with the anxiety. But kratom can be helpful. I have been doing CBD edibles though for the past couple of months. I switched to edibles since they are easy to carry and one jar of edibles lasts longer. I have been suffering from crippling panic attacks for may years now ad the standard anti-anxiety medications are good and helpful ad all but they also made me feel kind of fuzzy around the edges and it didn't really help me in the long run. I talked to my doctors and he gave me a medical marijuana card. It has been really helpful and I switched to edibles. I usually order mine online from this one website called I like them a lot since they have really nice prices, shipping is not bad and the effect is really good without the high factor. I think you will find edibles a lot more useful then alcohol.
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