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She believed she could, so she did.

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  • She believed she could, so she did.

    I think I'm posting in the right place. I see a lot of familiar faces here. I'm so glad to be here. I'll figure it out eventually. I'm Amanda and I'm from Louisville, Kentucky but I have lived in Chicago for 2 years now. I use Kratom for chronic pain, energy, depression, and anxiety. I am a cervical cancer survivor, treating my pain from treatments, procedures, and post op pain solely with Kratom and other herbs. I am very excited about the movie! Love you all.

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    Heya Amanda,

    Welcome to the Leaf of Faith forums!

    It is awesome to have you here, glad to hear that you overcame cervical cancer!!! You rock girl! It is always surprising to see the results of Kratom, I am happy that it helped you. How long have you been using Kratom (of course, you don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable!).

    I have seen the movie several times myself and it gets better every single time. I learn something new I didn't realize from the previous time I watched. Thanks for sharing your story and excitement


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      Hi Amanda welcome! Facebook is censoring a lof of us and this is a great place to talk! I’m looking forward to more members of the community join!