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    Hello everyone! I'm going to first start off by saying I have never been addicted to opiates, narcotics, heroin or any 'hard' of any kind, that's not the reason I started taking kratom. I've only used a little bit of cannabis in the past and haven't felt the urge to experiment with anything else. A little backstory of myself. I am diagnosed with epilepsy that is very well managed with Lamictal (now that CBD is legal and almost fully set up in my state I'll hopefully be switching over to Charlotte's Web cannabis to help further manage my seizures), and I also have a history of blood clots in my legs due to the structure of my Inferior Vena Cava vein, I'm only 23. The pain that I feel on a daily basis is something that Tylenol and Ibuprofen cannot get rid of, and I've always been one to refuse anything stronger than OTC Tylenol/Ibuprofen because I've seen what it's done to a few friends of mine. About a year ago my friend got some green bali kratom off the internet and since I'm open to trying herbs/natural remedies and the like I decided to give it a go. I tell you what, from that moment on my life has been changed. Starting about 3-4 months ago I've started always keeping kratom in stock and take it 2-3 times a day, depending on my pain level. I no longer suffer from the deep pain in my legs on a daily basis. I can finally go for walks like I used to be able to without having too much of a problem. In my job industry I'm on my feet a good bit throughout the day, and it helps me cope with the pain even more so on a daily basis. I'm one who prefers white vein during the day and red vein in the evening. The white vein seems to enhance my productivity during the day as well, my parents and friends have noticed it. Another interesting thing about kratom I've noticed regarding my epilepsy. I was a little iffy using something like this on a regular basis at first. However, my epileptic auras have vastly gone down since I started taking it. The frequency of my seizures has dropped some as well. I did have my first one of the year a few days ago but it was the first in almost a year, a new record for me ever since my epilepsy was first brought to light. However I know kratom was not the cause there because I got a little lax on my medication regimen for a few weeks beforehand, skipping a few doses at a time so I know that's more or less the cause and I'm now focusing on a more strict regimen again for my seizure medication. Don't worry, my medication does not act like other seizure and anticonvulsant medications do and my neurologist said I should quit kratom only if my auras and seizures increase in frequency from the normal 2-4 a year. Back to my testimony on epilepsy and kratom though. Normally the time for me to come back to full consciousness after a seizure is about 30-50 minutes. I was back to normal and coherent 5-10 minutes after my recent seizure, and I'm thinking that the kratom had an influence on my recovery time. I did take some that day anyways because of the deep muscle pain and tension from the grand mal seizure, it helped get rid of it as well and haven't had a single aura since. This plant is a powerful plant, one that I stand by and will be fighting for the best I can every step of the way. I do want to say however if anyone reading this has epilepsy and is taking a medication other than Lamictal/Lamotrigine or CBD such as gabapentin/dilantin, etc., please do NOT take kratom because certain medications can interfere and could trigger a seizure or potentially something worse. Consult your neurologist before taking kratom, if they're anything like mine hopefully they encourage more plant-based remedies and medicines. Use this with caution if you have a history of epilepsy, and discontinue immediately if an increase in seizures/auras occur. Take it from someone who works in the group home/healthcare setting and who suffers from it myself, I'm just wanting to look out for others with epilepsy that might consider taking kratom on a daily basis.

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    Hi there fireball0093! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us in ou forum! We love hearing about those who have had great success with our beloved leaf. Please look for “A Leaf of Faith” coming out in May this year. You can view the trailer by following the link in the header of this forumto Vimeo if you haven’t seen it yet.