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    Hi! I am Amy, a 41 year old mother of 2 and also a grandmother, spouse, daughter and friend. A couple years ago I was in a real bad place in my life, I really didn't see any options of getting off pain medications, and the quality of life was almost disappearing. I was depressed and had a lot of anxiety and had been on pain medicatons and mental meds for years. I just happened to run across a youtube video one day on the topic about kratom. I had never heard about it before, but it was a candle in the darkness at the time. My chronic pain condition has also turned into an ugly pill addiction and the pain was still there at the end of the day. I decided to try the tea to see what happened. And I never had to take another pain pill again! It's been 2 years since my last pain pill! I felt so much better and was able to actually get down in the floor with my kids and play and be a functional member in the family. If the FDA has their way, I won't be able to do that any longer. My whole family unit will suffer. And the end looks bleak for me.. For the life of me I can't understand why they would want to take away a plant that helps people, other than money and control. Because of this greed and hunger for money people are going to die.. They do everyday on the pills that are FDA approved. Am I the only one that feels like "They want us to just die?" I want the choice to NOT take pain medication, if there is something out there that's natural that will help and not kill my organs in the meantime. This plant is completely unadulterated and natural in its form and does not need to be tampered with and made a synthetic or on a scheldule list. Its just ridiculous that they are even considering it in the first place. I can't stress enough how many people will die without this natural lifeline. Its giving people hope, taking away their depression, and giving them what they need to get through each day.. So I guess back to advocating I go, and a hope in my heart that we will live to see another day RX free.. And a life with kratom available to get through each day. Amen.

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    Sadly, I think that you're right. They would rather we die. That's why we must fight, because this is a war for our lives. I am curious how many of these government anti-kratom drum beaters take it in secret, or have loved ones who do.


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      I too agree I think the Government thinks we'd be less of a strain on the economy and better off dead. Some states are better than others. Florida where I currently live (at least for the next two weeks - getting out while I can) is the absolute worse about adding more restrictions and policies on top of the already too stringent Federal laws none of which help anyone. For example: a Childhood friend of my daughter whom we found out recently has terminal cancer has to go to a heroin dealer to get her pain meds. There's something really wrong with that scenario for she is an average mother of two with no criminal history whatsoever. Best advice I can give anyone with a chronic pain problem is: Don't move to Florida!

      Back on topic; I look for the state of Florida to ban Kratom soon. If not in the next election it will happen in the following one because there are just too many frightened and beaten Doctors down here too scared to stand up for anything and too many ppl in the state legislature who don't understand what we who have chronic pain go through on a daily basis.

      I am sooooooo happy to hear Amy that you are getting your life back thanks to Kratom. I too feel it has saved my life based on what I've been through this year and I have very high hopes that once I get moved it will do the same for me. Sadly for me tho my injuries are just too severe for me to give up opiates altogether. However I do feel that with the right combination of both Kratom and less dose of opiates I'll regain my active lifestyle.

      Again wishing you the best of luck as you progress in your freedom from opiates!