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Hello, my name is Ben and I have PTSD...

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  • Hello, my name is Ben and I have PTSD...

    Hello, my name is Ben and I have PTSD from early childhood trauma; this is compounded with anxiety and depression. I also have Crohn's disease I have self-medicated my PTSD for years and years not knowing what was my issues. I found myself searching at the bottom of a bottle of booze for answers time and time again. It was not until I found out what was actually wrong with me that I began to understand. I do not take Kratom but I am interested. I think that it may have a positive effect on my PTSD, anxiety, and depression that are described throughout so many testimonials. I simply want to live a life where I do not worry anymore. I have come so close to suicide so many times that it brings tears to my eyes to even admit it. I am ashamed because I feel shunned because I can not function socially as others do. Please if anyone has an experience similar to mine please share to give me any insight do how this has affected your life.