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  • Hi everyone

    Watched the documentary A LEAF OF FAITH with my husband last night and this morning joined the forum. So I'm very new and just learning how everything should work.
    My life changed dramatically in 2008 when I had my first two major surgeries for a spinal cord herniation. It's when the dura separates and the spinal cord started moving through that tear. I could feel something was wrong about 7 years before the surgeries because I was feeling tightness around my mid-section then nerve pain in different parts of my body from the thoracic down. No one detected it till the 3rd or 4th MRI and I was told to get ready for a wheel chair. Our family doctor sent me to U of M and an amazing surgeon saved my life from a wheel chair. But I was left with a significant amount of nerve damage. The second surgery the surgeon found the spinal cord had gravitated to the graft and couldn't be removed, so it's permanently kinked. Then a stenosis surgery in the lumbar. After a few years in 2017 I had two lumbar fusion surgeries L2-L4 for scoliosis that had started because of the way I was walking from previous surgeries. This to have left me with pain in the lumbar daily. So in March of this year I tried the Spinal Cord Simulator implants, two leads, one in my cervical and lumbar. Unsuccessful, the cervical was removed about 8 weeks ago because it was causing more pain in the neck, shoulders and down my arms, I will have the lumbar removed in Jan 2020, same reason didn't help with the pain and so many reprograms it's just not worth it. I am in pain everyday even on the meds I take and have successfully tired not to increase my meds. But I worry after 12 years how much longer can this can go on. About 4 years ago IBS developed and that was well is very painful and takes my energy away. I'm hoping now with learning about Kratom this will help. My biggest concern is how to take it and wean myself off the opiates.