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Detoxing with Kratom

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  • Detoxing with Kratom

    Hi Everyone! I have used opioid medication off and on, (mostly on), for about 20 yeas. Many of those years have been spent battling addiction. The truth is that I have abused narcotics and used them for more than physical pain relief. I am not trying to pass some purity test as the unsuspecting person hooked on pain pills unwittingly by a clueless physician. I have anxiety and during traumatic times in my life I have lost control and self-medicated. My substance use has impacted my life in disastrous ways. That being said, I do have serious chronic pain issues including an 80 degree spinal scoliosis and transmetatarsal amputations for which I am legitimately prescribed Norco. I take the recommended dose but of course I have become dependent and feel like a slave to the meds. I feel ashamed and labeled as an addict, hence a liar, cheater and a person who's motivation is always somehow underhanded and drug seeking. If I could somehow get back the days, weeks, months and years I have suffered with this issue, feeling like I have a dirty secret witch makes me a person unable to make good sound choices about my own life and medical care. I have been to in-patient rehab treatment twice and was judged like a criminal. I am a mental health professional myself and I still feel like a failure trapped in a situation and hopeless about finding a solution. My drugs gave me pain control but also, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and a seesaw of withdrawal symptoms everyday. I felt ashamed to discuss my problems. Medical professionals and even friends and family pressured me to stop my medication despite the horrid withdrawal I would suffer and the pain I would be left to live with. "It will just give you flu-like symptoms", the medical community parrots. I am curious as to how many of these folks have lived through an opioid detox. Then I would have no options for pain management.

    A friend of mine who also has a chronic pain issue mentioned Kratom casually in conversation saying it helped her pain and made her feel well in ways she hadn't in years and that Kratom was inexpensive and life-changing. I was skeptical and truthfully, I tried it as a way to perhaps feel better and as an escape from the misery of the roller coaster of dosing with narcotics. Maybe I could add Kratom to the laundry list of medicine I was taking. I never dreamed it could be a way out. That seemed to be too good to be true. How could I possibly have missed that such a thing even existed!

    I took my first dose of Kratom, 2mg of a "slow" strain and surprisingly quickly, (10 minutes-ish), I felt a mild but noticeable euphoria, (a plus in my book), and a huge reduction in pain as well as my anxiety. I skipped my Norco the night before last and haven't taken another one. It has been years since I was able to walk away from traditional pain medicine without severe withdrawal. I feel better than I did before not worse. I have experienced zero withdrawal symptoms, except a mild runny nose and I have NO cravings to take more pills. I am astonished! I feel calm, clear and focused. I have been blowing up my friend's phone thanking her for introducing me to Kratom. I watched Leaf of Faith last night and wanted to reach out to others like me. If I can leave the Hydrocodone behind me because I was able to buy a safe and affordable supplement it really constitutes a miracle in my life. I still don't know if I will be able to leave my dependence on Norco with ZERO discomfort, but today I am hopeful in a way I haven't been in what feels like forever. If I am able to step away from the chemicals that are so dangerous, dominating the news and creating a national health crisis, for even a short time, I will consider it a win.

    I would like to help other people like me. Personally and professionally, I am moved to raise awareness for Kratom and join the fight to keep it available to anyone who can benefit from it.

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    Andrea, I am speechless regarding your post. Your honesty and heartfelt story really touched me. I am so very elated for you and pray it continues. I have not yet tried Kradom, just heard about it and watched the documentary last night. Very impressed and as you have said almost to good to be true. I have spent a lot today reading about Kratom mostly good. I have been on Norco and Gabapentin for 12 years. I guess I have to just jump in and order from the company which was mentioned in the film. Any tips you might have please share.
    Thanks again for your wonderful post.


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      Thank you so much for your story, as you know you’re not along, we all deal with are inner woundedness, I am new to this plant also but are finding it is helping me a lot. I send you much love and many blessing on your journey to your truth which by the sounds is well on the way, I was told that the great mystery well never give you more than you can handle, so know that you are loved…