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Chemical Engineer and Kratom researcher

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  • Chemical Engineer and Kratom researcher

    Hi and help!
    Please take this completely anonymous 2019 Kratom Survey!

    I'm doing research into kratom to help inform the direction of clinical trials and potentially US policy.

    Doctors and policy makers (read: bureaucrats) NEED to know the TRUTH about kratom.
    Kratom is getting a lot of mixed press these days.

    We need to learn the truth about what ACTUAL USERs (you) have experienced and translate this to quality research and regulation.
    Knowledge conquers fear.


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    Hi, I will gladly help with your survey giving straightforward honest answers in about 2 weeks. I just got my Kratom yesterday, and want to give it that long for a proper evaluation.


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      Hi, Well, it looks like my Kratom results will need to be briefly postponed (Please see my last post under "Hi," for further details). I'm still willing to help with your survey but unfortunately I haven't yet been returned to my normal opioid dose which unfortunately will skew my answers. Again, this is all explained in post #6 under "Hi." Hopefully it won't be too much longer.


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        Just checking in but I also have some news:

        I still haven't been able to get returned to my normal opioid dose yet. However I just want to say to you that kratom has been a life saver during this very difficult time for me. I'm using mostly Red Strains as I've heard they are the best for pain. And not only does it help with my pain but it also helps stem the withdrawal symptoms that, thanks to Florida's stupid above and beyond policies and laws, I've been forced to endure.

        Without Kratom, I'd most surely would be hospitalized again with severe complications from withdrawal and also would be bedridden. So while I haven't been able to return to my active lifestyle yet, because of kratom I have during this latest incident been able to avoid the worse symptoms of opioid withdrawal and most important, avoid another lengthy stay in the hospital so I can continue with my move out of Florida to Illinois where I can get adequate medical care and pain management care.

        Thank you Kratom!!


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          Just took your survey. While I did find 2 questions in it that could use an extra option or two for answers, overall I must say I'm impressed. I really think you have the right idea about how to get our experiences and opinions on Kratom to the ppl who matter.

          As always I'll continue to keep you posted on how kratom is working for me.

          Wishing you and your staff a very lovely day!!


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            New member. just finished your survey!


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              Finished survey. We appreciate the work you're doing.