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A Leaf of Faith is officially released and available for purchase now!

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  • A Leaf of Faith is officially released and available for purchase now!

    A Leaf of Faith is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Pay Per View, and more!
    A Leaf of Faith, the anticipated kratom documentary directed by Chris Bell, is available for purchase and viewing today.

    A Leaf of Faith movie purchase links:

    Google Play


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    A big thank you to those who pre-ordered or purchased the movie already. It will be available on Netflix in the near future as well. Hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did! I also recommend watching it more than once, you always learn something new in each viewing.

    Please share any pictures or videos of you watching the movie and leave a review of the movie here!

    Please remember that by purchasing A Leaf of Faith, a portion of the funds will further Dr. McCurdy's efforts in kratom research at the University of Florida.
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    What an awesome premier last night in Hollywood!


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      Glad you liked the video Rebecca!


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        Hello. I currently suffer from severe chronic pancreatitis, and have been for over 15 years. In that time I have graduated up the opioid ladder to where I am now prescribed up to 6 30mg oxycodone tablets a day. As well I also use 100mcg fentanyl patches that I change every 3 days. Also I am prescribed medication for nausea, anxiety and pancreatic enzymes to help me digest my food. I battle with weight loss constantly. After watching the documentary “A Leaf Of Faith”, I am very interested to find out more. I also live in Florida near the University of Florida, where Dr. McCurdy does his research. So if he needs human test subjects, I am here.


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          Hello! My husband suffers from chronic pancreatitis and fatty liver as well. Due to the absorption issues because of his liver and his pancreas being completely out of whack, he’s unable to take Kratom. We aren’t sure if it’s more because of his liver or his pancreas though honestly. Just be very careful if you do try out Kratom though. Don’t take it close to when you take your other meds. If you continue to take the rx pain meds, I suggest you stagger the doses and take Kratom one dose and then the next time you start having break through pain, you can choose to take the rx pain meds then. If you take them together though, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll just end up cancelling one another out until one of the two wear off in your system. And then you’ll just be in pain still until then.

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        I watched it yesterday on Netflix, I'm SO HAPPY it's available to millions of people now! Yay kratom!


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          I watched your documentary today. It was great and it answered many questions that I had about Kratom! I am a 59 yr. old woman that has spine and nerve damage, so I go to a pain clinic every month for prescriptions of morphine and voltaren gel. I also have injections to my spine and hips every few months. So I have been contemplating trying kratom myself!
          My son has an horrible addiction to opiates and heroine. He has overdosed 3 times! He has been taking kratom for close to a year now and hasn’t relapsed- thank God! I feel so thankful to have my son back for the first time in years! He is healthy again and working out once more. He says he doesn’t have the cravings for the drugs anymore...that he feels emotionally and physically painless and even rejuvenated! He is now a more positive & motivated person! I just thank God that he has found something that doesn’t seem to hurt him or others, and it is helping to keep him on track! Keep on sending out the “ message “ & keeping doing research. Because even though it may not be the total answer-it does seem to be a start in the right direction....


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            This film is very honest. Just to share another success story for Kratom, I was hooked on opiates for twenty years, along with Alcahol, meth, an cocaine. I am very pleased to be able to share that Kratom has kept me clean for over six months. My story is like that of many I went to a dentist when I was about thirteen got a Rx off Vicodin and liked it. Then as fate would have it I was severely injured in a car accident and prescribed oxy-contin I tried recovery several times for over a decade in AA and NA only succeeding to stay clean during stays in sober living houses. As Soon as I went home I was back to my usual intoxicant stunts.

            Kratom works for me I don't even go to meetings any more. I practice spirituality not the komba yah my Lord kind of spirituality, but there Hatian Vodoo kind HeHe! This combination has proven successful for me.

            Thank​​ you for stepping in there and getting active and being such a big help for us Kratom users. Some one has got to lead the path. Go for it but brother.
            If you ever need a good spiritual blessing just ask or I'll send my blessing regardless, best that way. I see that this is the ingredient I've been missing. I just feel not so depressed and I have energy to generate and make some thing of my life.

            My appetite is great. I eat well and don't hesitate to get things done. I thank the LWA for such a wonderful earthly blessing such as Kratom.

            I don't think we should go at this addiction business with just Kratom but I admit it helps significantly. I also have to mention spirituality really helps in combination with the Kratom. I'm just so excited that life is this good and eager to see the future at this rate, let's just hope this remains legal. I know we need it considering all the overdoses you see and read about. I Lost a friend in a sober living two years ago. I saved my friend that night with narcaine only to see him O.D. and die two months later. Another young lost soul. quite being judgmental gov and do the right thing..
            Thank you for reading all this.
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              I watched Leaf of Faith on Netflix then found a great buyers source online called The Kratom Connection and purchased some at a very good price. I’ve taken it for the second day now and can’t believe how well it’s working for me. I’ve been on permanent disability for over 6 years now due to several degenerative spinal conditions: scoliosis, sciatica, spondylitis, lumbago and osteoarthritis. I’ve taken every opioid on the market: non of which worked past two weeks before becoming ineffective. Kratom is a gift from nature. Now if we can just keep our greedy government from robbing us of it, we'll be set!


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                I juts watched the documentary last night and I loved it. I have been an opiate addict for ten years, I am
                now takimg 2mg suboxone daily. I WANT OFF! I’ve tries Kratom for two days but still had to take the sub. I don’t know whta I’m doing when it comes to this. Can someone give me some advice as to how much I should take in one dose, and how many doses I should take and also what kind I should take and where can I get this from? I want to buy from a credible vendor and I really need to know which ones I should try. Im still sick and I’m just not sure if I’m doing this right or maybe Kratom isn’t right for me ?


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                  On the liver issue, I am seemingly Runing into the same problem.

                  i know Kradom have a lot Case’s of people getting better and off dangerous pain med and get control back in their life.

                  I took some and and I fellt how comparable it is to the effective of Oxy (I am a cancer patient. I am on a bunch of meds, chemo, blood meds, and a whole buffet of pain.meds. And I have access to all the good stuff. From Norfolk to Oxymoron). and I felt no side effects.

                  The main goal for me here staying ALIVE. So I actually need all the chemo and meds to do their jobs. The rubs is that they all if not most goes through the liver. If my liver isn’t doing it’s job, I would have problems.

                  Google search comes back back with nothing but negatives on Kratom and liver damage for the entire 1st page.. search : Kratom

                  more importantly, it seems the government have done a a research on the topic.

                  here is the link:

                  the whole search and the research seems to OVERLY bias however. Similar to when you seems side effects on Oxy, supposedly very few. And not many negative side effects to boot. Search: Oxy side effects.
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                    I too am in recovery and having problems with pain and struggling to find something that helps that won’t be a “relapse “ until I found kratom. I couldn’t even workout and get into shape, work or even get out of bed without pain. It’s really changed me from dreaming of what I can do to actually doing.
                    I also was struggling with kratom “am I still sober?” Until I watched the film and related to Chris story. So thank you brother your not alone and now neither am I. We are doing positive things that doesn’t sound like a relapse to me. 5 years and counting!


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                      The idea of needing it to get through the day or get over physical and mental struggles relates to addiction, I get that and do go through this from time to time but its always better than the alternative


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                        Just watched your documentary on Netflix. I have been a Kratom user for a year and a half. I consider it a God send. I had a lobectomy, and nothing but Percocet helped with pain management. I quit taking the Percocet when my prescription ran out, but did think about trying to see if my doctor would give me another prescription. I decided not to go that path, and I searched the internet for natural pain killers. I found Wild Lettuce and Kratom. I purchased both, and I use both. The Kratom is by far an awesome pain killer. I use the red strain, and use it only when needed. It would’ve a shame for the FDA to ban it.


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                          Wer can I purchase please


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                            Where I can buy original one? I bought some but is not working... can someone suggest somewhere for me?? I’m from New York